Do I Need a New Heat Pump in Gallatin, TN?

A heat pump is among the most valuable purchases in your Gallatin, TN, home. Essentially, the heat pump has worked hard all summer to ensure your house remains cool and will need to get back to work when the temperature drops. As we get to the fall, here are four warning signs that you should invest in a new heat pump.

Old Age

Like all other systems in your home, the heat pump equally loses its power with old age. Older heat pumps have to put in excessive effort to keep your house comfortable.

HVAC experts advise that you get a new heat pump at least every decade. Newer heat pumps come with advanced digital technology, providing excellent efficiency.

Strange Sounds

Typically, heat pumps produce a smooth, humming noise when running. However, screeching, and rattling sounds can indicate severe trouble within your system.

Common reasons for these weird noises include excessive friction or loose parts. Professional check-up and repair services could help sort out this issue. If such strange noises don’t cease, consider it best to get a new heat pump.

Regular Malfunction

Having a heat pump that breaks down frequently can be pretty annoying. Regular heat pump failure creates lots of comfort problems. Additionally, paying for frequent repairs gets costly with time.

Replacing your old heat pump will take away the trouble of calling an HVAC expert all the time. You’re sure to enjoy unmatched comfort throughout the upcoming fall season.

Increasing Energy Expenses

Ideally, your energy bills should be somewhat consistent all through the summer months. If your energy expenses have been unimaginably high this season, your heat pump might need replacement.

Make sure to consult an HVAC professional to establish the culprit behind the spike in your energy utilities. New heat pumps have built-in technology to ensure top-notch energy efficiency.

Contact Kimbro Air today for quality heat pump installation and replacement. Our NATE-certified technicians will ensure you enjoy a comfortable house all year.

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