3 Practical Ways to Improve Heat Pump Efficiency in Old Hickory, TN

Lower temperatures in Old Hickory, TN don’t mean that you should pay significantly more on your monthly utility bills. There are some steps that you can take to use your heat pump more efficiently, allowing you to keep your home comfortable without breaking your budget.

Change Your Air Filters Often

A clogged air filter is responsible for multiple heat pump problems. When the component traps multiple pollutants from your indoor air, they clog it, thus blocking smooth airflow.

Consequently, your heat pump will struggle to draw air through the blocked filter. A system that operates for a longer period than usual breaks down often and inflates your energy bill. It’s typically recommended that you change your filters at least once every 90 days.

Schedule Routine Maintenance Services

Maintenance services keep your system in good shape all year long. Whenever one of our technicians performs maintenance on your equipment, they will inspect your unit carefully to identify any malfunctioning parts. This gives your technician the opportunity to fix any minor issues before they can progress into more costly problems.

They will lubricate all the moving parts adequately to avoid friction and accelerated wear and tear of the components. The technician will also check all electrical connections and ensure the thermostat communicates with your heat pump properly. Keeping everything running as designed allows your heat pump to operate efficiently.

Address Repairs Immediately

Your heat pump will usually show some signs when there is a malfunctioning component. The system may run continuously, short-cycle, emit unusual sounds and smells, or fail to turn on. Promptly responding to these signs and scheduling professional repair will help to ensure that your system will continue to run as efficiently as possible.

Taking the steps listed above can help to significantly reduce your energy and repair costs as well as allow your system to keep your family comfortable all year. Call Kimbro Air for professional heat pump services whenever you need a technician to work on your heat pump.

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