Frozen and Burst Pipes

Even with all the precautions we might take, a burst pipe can still happen. Take heed of these warning signs that a pipe in your home is frozen.

If your water is running at a trickle or has stopped all together.
If you see front on the exterior of a pipe.
Not all pipes that burst produce a torrent of water, check for damp patches on your ceiling or walls.

If you suspect a pipe is frozen, turn on your faucet and let the water run, the running water will help melt the ice.

Apply heat to the pipe with a heating pad, hair dryer or space heater. Use extreme caution when operating electrical devices near water sources and make sure you keep all of these away from flammable materials. Note where your frozen pipe is located, if it near any sort of electrical outlet contact us immediately and don’t attempt to thaw the pipe yourself. You can also wrap the pipe with hot towels, but do not use any kind of open flame device. Apply the heat until the water flow returns to normal.

What should I do if a pipe in my house bursts?

  • Turn off your water supply.
  • Move as many of your possessions that you can away from the water flow.
  • Drain your system.
  • Turn off all electric appliances that are near or around a leak.
  • Collect all the water that you can.
  • Call your insurance.
    Keep a record of all damages that may be occurring.
    Call us at 615-527-8576

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