How Do Water Softeners Improve Your Home’s Water Quality?

According to studies, up to 90% of American households have hard water. If your White House, TN home is among them, a water softener system could be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

How Hard Water Wreaks Havoc in Your Home

If you have hard water, you know all about the problems it can cause. It leaves scale and stains everywhere, it irritates your skin and hair, it ruins your laundry, and it even tastes bad. It’s not known to be harmful to your health, but it’s still a huge headache. That’s because hard water contains a variety of dissolved minerals that interfere with water’s natural properties. In particular, hard water is mostly caused by groundwater picking up calcium and magnesium ions as it travels through limestone.

The Science of Water Softeners

These dissolved ions are difficult to filter directly, which is why most water softeners use an innovative approach called ion exchange. During professional plumbing installations, a water softener is usually installed near where your water supply enters your home. As water flows through the unit, it’s forced through porous resin pellets that are charged with sodium ions. These ions are exchanged with calcium and magnesium, which then become trapped in the resin.

Make an Investment in Your Water Quality

Following this ion exchange process, you’re left with water containing only sodium ions. Since sodium doesn’t cause the same reactions as calcium and magnesium, the quality of the resulting water is vastly improved. That means no more bad tastes or unsightly stains, no skin irritation, and no damaging mineral deposits in your pipes.

If you’re tired of dealing with hard water in your Middle Tennessee home, it’s time to make a change. Call Kimbro Air today for high-quality water softeners, professional plumbing installations, and expert assistance with all your plumbing needs.

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