6 Signs Your Heat Pump Is Incorrectly Sized in Franklin, TN

On a warm day in Franklin, TN, a malfunctioning heat pump can turn your home into an uncomfortable sauna. Accurately sizing your heat pump system holds great significance as it can cause inefficiency and discomfort and escalate energy expenses if not done properly. Here are signs to keep an eye out for that point to an incorrectly sized heat pump.

1. Short Cycles

Short cycling, referring to when your heat pump frequently turns on and off, may seem efficient at first glance. However, this occurs because your heat pump is too large for your home and can damage the system and result in technical issues over time. Ideally, a high-efficiency heat pump should run for approximately 15 to 20 minutes to effectively reach the desired temperature before shutting off.

2. Continual Running

An undersized heat pump might find itself in a constant battle to maintain indoor comfort, leading to continuous operation. This perpetual operation not only spikes energy consumption but also accelerates wear and tear on the system. Continuous operation is a telltale sign that your heat pump’s capacity is inadequate for the square footage it’s intended to heat or cool.

3. Temperature Fluctuations

An oversized heat pump can shut off prematurely, hindering proper air circulation and resulting in hot and cold spots. During sweltering days, an insufficiently sized heat pump may struggle to maintain a consistently cool atmosphere in your home. Achieving an appropriately sized heat pump entails a thorough assessment by an experienced HVAC professional who considers your home’s dimensions and heating requirements.

4. Increased Costs

An improperly sized heat pump might struggle to meet your home’s cooling demands during the summer, causing it to consume excessive energy. Beyond the elevated energy bills, you may find yourself frequently contacting repair services. An inadequately sized heat pump causes frequent breakdowns or malfunctioning components.

5. Humidity Concerns

A crucial heat pump function is dehumidification, but this process requires sufficient time. If the heat pump doesn’t operate long enough to eliminate humidity, your home can feel excessively muggy, particularly during high-humidity periods. Other signs of excess moisture in your home include condensation on windows and pipes or visible biological growths.

6. Noise

While some operational noise from a heat pump is normal, it should not become a nuisance or deviate significantly from typical sounds. An oversized heat pump might attempt to push more air through the ducts than they can handle, resulting in excessive noise. Additionally, an oversized heat pump may produce clicking sounds due to frequent cycling.

The Importance of Proper Heat Pump Sizing

Properly sizing your heat pump is paramount for optimal performance, energy efficiency, and home comfort. When you have the right-sized heat pump, you can reap numerous benefits, including the following:

  • An accurately sized heat pump operates with optimal efficiency and minimizes energy consumption, subsequently reducing your monthly energy bills.
  • When your heat pump is sized according to your home’s requirements, it operates within its intended capacity range, resulting in improved overall system efficiency.
  • A well-matched heat pump encounters fewer instances of stress and strain, leading to decreased wear and tear on components.
  • Properly sizing your heat pump helps prevent unnecessary strain on the system, enabling it to function optimally throughout its lifespan.

When searching for a new heat pump system, there are certain standards you should keep in mind. According to ENERGY STAR, the key product criteria for heat pumps in the US require split systems to meet ≥ 7.8 HSPF, ≥15.2 SEER and ≥11.7 EER.

The criteria for single package equipment, including gas/electric package units, are ≥ 7.2 HSPF, ≥15.2 SEER, and ≥10.6 EER. These standards ensure energy-efficient performance and help reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

At Kimbro Air, we are experts at fixing, installing, and providing maintenance for heat pump systems. Let us help you figure out the right size heat pump for your house. Contact Kimbro Air for quality air conditioning installation or other services for your home in Franklin, TN.

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