How Can I Improve Airflow in My Franklin, TN Home?

When your Franklin, TN, home has the right air circulation, you get to enjoy many benefits. These range from temperature regulation to cleaner ductwork. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to improve your home’s airflow, and the following are a few ideas to start with.

Remove All Obstacles

There are two things to do for this step. The first is opening doors and windows that are opposite from one another to get a breeze going through your home on days that it’s not too humid or hot. The second is making sure that vents and registers in your home are physically open and not blocked by curtains or furnishings.

Keep Up With HVAC Maintenance

The weather outside won’t always be conducive to letting a breeze through, and you’ll have to run your air conditioner. Make sure that you keep up with your HVAC maintenance schedule to diagnose and repair issues before they become truly problematic. There will be many days that your HVAC is your only source of airflow, so keep it well-maintained.

Run Your Exhaust Fans

Many homes have extra ventilation in places that need it. That’s typically kitchens and bathrooms where cooking vapors and hot water steam might accumulate without any place to go. Exhaust fans let you get stale or unpleasant air out of your home quickly.

Get Some House Plants

Plants filter the air naturally. On a global scale, they produce the oxygen everyone needs to live. Inside your home, they can absorb toxins and clean the air of your home.

Proper airflow in your home keeps temperatures steady and improves indoor air quality. You can take these steps on your own to some degree, but industry professionals can go a step further. Contact us at Kimbro Air for our indoor air quality services.

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